Cancel Culture Cancelled

Hell hath no fury like a Cancel Culture Crusader. Hell and Cancel Culture have a lot in common.

There is no redemption, no salvation in hell. Once you are there, that’s it – it is the end of the road, a dead end, and there is no coming back. Similarly, in our time, if the elites cancel you, you are consigned to Culture Hell for the rest of your life. Cancel Culture Crusaders seek to ruin the reputation, income stream, and body of work of those they cancel. You will suffer the rest of your existence because of violating the standards of the Cancel Culture Crusaders. The same people who say they can not believe in a God who sends people to an Eternal Hell are the same people who send other people to Culture Hell.

Even as there is no redemption and no forgiveness in hell, so is the case in Cancel Culture. Once you are canceled for whatever reason, you stay canceled. There is no coming back. Your contract is canceled, your promotion is blocked, your books are pulled, your name is removed, and your statue is toppled. The very thing so many hate about God – hell – is the same thing they visit on other people.

There is only one sin that will damn a person to hell – the rejection of Jesus Christ. But there are more sins than you can shake a stick at that will raise the hackles of the Cancel Culture Crusader and land you in Culture Hell. The cultural sins that will land someone in Culture hell are being a racist, a homophobe, a transphobe, a sexist, a nationalist, a ‘science denier,’ heteronormative, pro-life, etc. There are so many gates into Culture Hell because different Crusaders have dissimilar standards and varying levels of tolerance for those who do not agree with them.

So many who delight in the brutality and finality of Cancel Culture, who feel themselves justified, and who marinate in a self-congratulatory sense of moral superiority are the same ones who are shocked and scandalized at a God Who has created hell for the devil and his angels and for all those who reject His Son. What they praise in themselves, they damn in God. What for them is a moral virtue is an unspeakable evil in God. They can squeal with delight when someone’s name is erased but scream with horror when their names are not in God’s Book of Life.

The thing is, God cancels no one. Sin separates people from God. Suppose you die in your sin, having never been forgiven. In that case, heaven will be closed to you, for heaven is not a place for perfect people, moral people, or good enough people. Heaven is for forgiven people – those who have been saved by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul said that if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, you shall be saved. You will be forgiven!

God is not into Cancel Culture. God is into Keeping Culture. May you be Captured by Christ, Continue with Christ, and be Kept by Christ – for all eternity. Are you a racist, a homophobe, a transphobe, a sexist, a nationalist, a ‘science denier,’ heteronormative, pro-life, etc.? Whichever of those are sins, He will forgive you – not cancel you. God is not on a crusade to keep you out. God is on a crusade to bring you in!

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