An Interview with Miracle

The following is a transcript of a podcast that could have taken place somewhere, sometime, maybe. 

Host: I’d like to welcome our guest today. Why don’t you tell us your name.

Guest: My name is Miracle.

Host: That’s a great name, but you seem depressed – what’s the problem?

Guest: I’ve been abused and misunderstood.

Host: Can you tell us about it? I’m sure there are a lot of people curious as to why Miracle would be down in the dumps.

Guest: I’ve been around for a really long time – I had an enjoyable childhood with a lot of friends. Wherever I would go, people flocked to me. People respected me and got excited when I was with them and were disappointed when I didn’t show up. Things would happen when I showed – it was really exciting.

Host: That all sounds great. What brought on your depression?

Guest: Well, it was around 95 AD – right after the Apostle John finished the Book of Revelation. Some of the leaders of the Church said they didn’t need me anymore since the New Testament was completed. They said the Bible was all they needed and made it clear that they didn’t want me around anymore. That’s when my popularity began to wane. I made them feel uncomfortable when I was around. 

Host: Did things get worse from there?

Guest: Yes, the leaders of the Church began to study me and systematize me and make me into a doctrine. Have you ever been systematized? It’s not a comfortable feeling – I don’t wish that on anyone. That’s when they put you in a box and pour in concrete so you can’t get out. When I did manage to get free at different times and get a little work, the leaders called me vicious names. They would call me ‘Coincidence,’ or ‘Chance,’ or ‘Luck.’ That last one really hurt. They began to explain me away – and so I went away. 

Host: O my. What happened then?

Guest: People got sick and stayed sick. People died. They experienced great financial difficulties and never had enough. They became prisoners of their lusts and never got victory over the power of the enemy. 

Host: Have things improved recently?

Guest: Yes. I’m getting a lot more invitations to meetings now and people expect me to be there. It’s really good to be working again!

Host: Our time is just about up. Any final words?

Guest: Yes. If your listeners would like me to come to their meetings, all they really need to do is call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and ask for Him to bring Miracle with Him. I’d love to meet all of you personally. 

That interview never took place. This did take place in the hometown of Jesus. In Matthew 13:58 we read, “And He did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief.”

The people of Nazareth got sick and stayed sick, many died. Jesus came among them to move into their brokenness, but they pushed Him away. Where there is no faith, there is no blessing. Demons were not cast out and the lame man remained lame. The blind continued in darkness and the deaf remained locked away in a world of silence. 

It was like Jesus was never there. 

I don’t want that said of the church I serve or the ministry I provide. I want Miracle and three of his siblings, Power, Revelation, and Deliverance, to show up. I don’t want the joyless to be stuck in despair, the unconverted to remain in chains, or the sick to stay ill. I pray, “Jesus, show up with Miracle and Power and Revelation and Deliverance.” I love preaching and teaching. I also love Truth’s four siblings – Miracle, Power, Revelation, and Deliverance. 

I don’t want the word ‘Nazareth’ written over my ministry and the church I serve. I don’t want it to be as if Jesus never passed this way. I want Jesus to move through the room and touch lives and hearts and bodies. I desire passions to be ignited, vision to be imparted, ministry to be birthed, and healing and deliverance to take place. 

I want all of Jesus. May all of us want all of Jesus.

2 thoughts on “An Interview with Miracle”

  1. Hi Tim
    The reason for no miracles is the lack of faith in Jesus as who he is…God in the flesh, Jesus said if have the Son you have the Father…however you don’t have the Son ( ie: unbelief ) you don’t have the Father who sent Him…and miracles are according God, and for His glory, not ours.
    Lastly, God does allow suffering ( Apostle Paul example ) as a means for us humble ourselves before our Holy God, it’s not happiness that God cares about, but Holiness!!
    Preach the Word !! ( see 2 Tim. 4:1-8 )
    God Bless

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