A Better Story

“A thousand channels, and nothing to watch.”

Like many people, I subscribe to several streaming services. The other night I scanned them all, looking for something to watch. There were numerous options, hundreds of potential movies and series. When something looked interesting, I read the description and lost interest. None of the stories captured my attention. I was looking for a better story than the one they told.

We are all looking for a better story—not on television, but in life. We want to be part of a better story than the one we are in. That is what keeps us moving forward, keeps us getting up each day, sends us to work, and puts us to bed at night in the hope that after a night of rest, we will rise once more and start it all over again.

The key to it all is DESIRE. Desire pulls us into the future in the hope we will find lasting satisfaction. From the immediate desires of our body to the deeper longings of the soul, desire is the key to figuring out the meaning of life. Desires remind us we were made FOR something. Our love of Story, of a good tale, helps us along the path of discovery to what that something is.

The Bible reveals the Great Story we are all in and even explains why some do not believe it. Like all great stories, there is a villain whose main weapon is deceit. He wants to hijack The Story, turn people from it, and send them off into an endless number of lesser tales by telling them they can write their own story and decide their own destiny.

God originally created us with desires of body, soul, and spirit that would lead us into an intimate and eternal relationship with Him. The essence of our Story as human beings is first, that relationship with God, then how it overflows into our relationship with one another. That is why when Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, He replied, “Love the Lord you God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Being created in God’s image gives us the capacity to live The Story for which we were created.

When Satan hijacked The Story, he appealed to the desires God instilled in us meant to draw us into a relationship with Him. Through deceit, Satan told Adam and Eve they could define life on their own terms, without reference to God. They could be independent, the captain of their own ship; they could write their own story. And so, they bit. Ever since, their children have lived and died attempting to forge their own stories by seeking to satisfy the desires of body, soul, and spirit through endless and ultimately unsatisfying means.

When we read a book or watch a movie, we evaluate it by how closely it mirrors our inner sense of self. We connect with tales that help make sense of the deep longings within us. We resonate with stories that give us a glimpse at the meaning of life, that help us sort out life’s big questions …

Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going?

Someone, anyone; please help me figure out Who I Am!

The early church theologian Augustine said, “You have made us for Yourself, Oh God, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in You.”

The Gospel of Jesus Christ IS The Better Story we are all searching for.

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